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Asirix Infotech

Asirix Infotech Pvt Ltd is Leader in Cloud Hosted Energy Management and IoT(Internet of Things) Any Industry / Company using our Solutions can Save Energy from to 30% Easil


Our Team comprises of well-trained and experienced IT Engineers, specialists in Electrical Engineering with Analytical skills and Super Urban Planners. We also have smart Subject Matter Experts (SME) who support our company. The company is well equipped with latest equipment required for project implementation, Study Analysis Resolvers for all data obtained from our services rendered from all our regular from our clients.


Asirix Infotech Pvt Ltd., is one among the micro Company staffed with Technical Professionals who are in the field in Electrical Engineering and with expertise in information on Analytic data for the Power Industry. The company specializes in offering services in Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) and also to maintain result oriented solutions in Energy Conservation with Optimization of Power in today’s Power Industry. Asirix Infotech Pvt Ltd., (AIPL) is established in year 2015 and is always a catalyst for Industries in India. Become a world-class engineering enterprise, committed to enhancing stakeholder value. As a globally renowned company, AIPL, provides the best products and strives to fulfill the expectations of industries and clients worldwide. Our Solutions should enable and transform the way consumers and businesses gather, manage, distribute and communicate information.


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