Investor Lounge

RE-Rise Investor lounge is created for the purpose of providing access to well-balanced and structured startups who may be pursued for investments at different stages.

Take your annual membership today at Rs. 0* (No Fee Membership).

Investor Member

Investor Member Take your annual membership today at Rs. 0*

Free (Annual Membership Fee)

  • Periodical update on the Startups being Incubated.
  • Brief details of already incubated Startups shall be shared.
  • Access to visit & deliver talk at any of our Incubation centre - Delhi, Jaipur, Indore & Ranchi (Soon, we shall be in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar & Pune).
  • Investor Kit : Rs. 0 (No Fee Membership).

Premium Investor Member All the Investor member benefits +

INR 100,000 (Annual Membership Fee)

  • RE-Rise shall mentor & share 2 startups, ready for funding exclusively to the member with exclusive detailed brief & business plan of selected 2 startups
  • Pre-prepared Investor deck guided with due-diligence report (conducted by a consulting firm)
  • Due-Diligence on Founder/Co-Founders
  • On request due-diligence for startups other than RE-Rise Ecosystem
  • VIP Passes to all RE-Rise Events & Partner Events